Joint Sessions

We provide collaborative sessions that allow for comprehensive, cohesive, and streamlined care.

The collaboration of all treatment providers is one of the most valued components of any recovery process. You can appreciate the value of collaboration if you’ve ever been perplexed by different answers from different providers. The highest ethical standards are driven by excellent client care, and one of the best ways to ensure this is for all providers to find an effective way to communicate with one another on all aspects of your care.

Doing joint sessions with your providers is the most efficient and most effective way to approach the recovery process, as it allows for complete unison among you and the members of your treatment team.  

Joint sessions are scheduled as 90-minutes sessions, once a week for 4 weeks.  The cost for this month of sessions is $1,900.  Your treatment team, which includes you and your family (as applicable), will reassess your session needs on a monthly basis.  If it is deemed appropriate to decrease to weekly 60-minute sessions, your monthly fee for 4 sessions is $1,300.  

Initial Intake Forms: Sensory Skills Initial Paperwork.pdf